About Me

Fouché, born and raised in Columbus, OH, started making music in the summer of 2001. His father had introduced him to the program "Fruityloops 3" and ever since then, Fouché has been working to perfect his craft.

While making beats, some of his musical influences growing up were Just Blaze, Timbaland, The Neptunes, DJ Toomp, DJ Premier, and Dr. Dre. He would then study their music and try to incorporate some of their styles in his own music.

There was a period of 2 years where Fouché stopped listening to the radio and only listened to beats that he created. This ultimately helped him find his own style without trying to "fit in" with what was popular at the time. This is a method he still uses from time-to-time and allows him to only create music that is inspiring to himself and also to others.

In 2014, after family and friends suggested that he put music out on social media for other people to hear, Fouché began uploading music on Soundcloud and reaching out to artists to use his beats for their projects. He ended up working with a few local artists in Columbus, OH including B. Moses, Kalom Montgomery, Priest, and others.

In the fall of 2015, Fouché ended up losing all of his sounds that he had created and purchased. Discouraged, he came across a beat contest for the Blapkit Vol. 7 that was created by !llmind. This would be the first music contest Fouché would enter. On March of 2016, to his surprise, HE WON!

Since then, Fouché strives to create unique and timeless music and soundkits to reach the masses.